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At every stage of life, each of us has hopes, dreams, even fantasies of what our life will be like. We plan, we make choices, and we set out to make those dreams come true. If we're lucky, we really do get to realize our dreams -- maybe not all, but at least a few.


One thing’s for sure: We’ve all experienced the unpredictability of life. As we age, we somehow learn to cope with the unexpected. We make adjustments and new choices we hope will result in happiness.


Boca Bound is the story of a 65-year old woman, Nadine, who has coped with a life of unrealized dreams. While she did experience success in her profession as an attorney in New York, her job was her total source of fulfillment. That fulfillment comes to an end when Nadine reaches the required age of retirement from her law firm. Now, without work to fill her days, she finds herself struggling with loneliness. Having lost her husband early in life and never remarrying, she has no one to share her days with. She has two grown children who live nearby but with whom she has a contentious relationship. And there’s something else: Nadine was never free to pursue her avocation of singing. A dream unrealized.


Faced with her sudden loneliness, Nadine accepts an invitation from her lifelong friend Gert to spend the season with her in Boca Raton.


Boca Bound takes us on Nadine's journey as she comes to grips with the truth about herself, the choices she has made and what she must now do to find happiness.


You may laugh, you may cry, you may sing but, most of all, you may find solace in what we all can relate to and share.
You may even find a part of yourself in our characters’ stories. 

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